All Contents of the Psychology Course will be administered through Google Classroom:  Use the following class code for announcements, assignments, assessments and grades.

Period 3 Class Code = 6rxlidk

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Stilwell School of the Arts High School Course Syllabus   Course Title:                                          Psychology Term:  2020 / 2021 Room #:  319   Teacher James Holmes Email [email protected] Co-Teachers: Mrs. Patricia Baker [email protected]                                      Mrs. Lauren Mobley [email protected] Teacher Support Office Hours: Monday - Thursday (3:00 to 3:45) or by appointment Friday  (10:00 - 3:45) VIRTUAL Classroom   All homework, test dates, project due dates, handouts, notes, PowerPoints etc. will be posted on Mr. Holmes’s Google Classroom. Please submit all work through this platform. Use this class code: 6rxlidk. Do not send work to be graded through email.     Course Description Vision Statement The vision of Clayton County Public Schools is to be a district of excellence preparing ALL students to live and compete successfully in a global society.   Mission Statement The mission of Clayton County Public Schools is to be accountable to all stakeholders for providing a globally competitive education that empowers students to achieve academic and personal goals and to become college and career ready, productive, responsible citizens.   Course Vision: The vision of this course is to develop knowledgeable, insightful students who will become understanding, productive, successful human beings and citizens.   Course Description: This course focuses on individual behavior and why an individual thinks, feels, and reacts to certain stimuli. Major emphases will be placed on research methods, stages in childhood and adolescence, how the brain works, altered states of consciousness, psychological testing, and psychological disorders.   Statement of Relevance: Psychology is the study of behavior and mental processes and can be applied to many different things in human life. Everything we do is very much related to or with psychology. Psychology, primarily studies who and what we are, how and why we came to be as we are, why we act and think that way, what we could be as a person, and how we can possibly change to become that person.       Course Curriculum Content The entire list of Academic, Knowledge and Skills for each of the following curriculum strands in this course can be accessed through the Georgia Standards of Excellence for Social Studies Georgia Standards of Excellence for Psychology     COURSE OBJECTIVES Units/Topics   Upon the successful completion of this course, students will be able to: ?        Identify major contributors to the field of Psychology. ?        Explain basic methods of psychological research. ?        Apply major theories and stages of development (from infancy through adulthood) to their own lives as well as those around them. ?        State, label, and describe basic parts and functions of the human brain. ?        Compare and contrast functions of the brain’s hemispheres ?        Describe the research related to sleep and dreams. ?        Outline the principles involved in sensation and perception. ?        Break down and illustrate the principles and techniques surrounding classical and operant conditioning. ?        Recall and explain the cognitive theorists’ approach to the study of emotions. ?        Identify ways of measuring test standardization, reliability, and validity. ?        Explain the various views of intelligence. ?        Describe and evaluate the major schools of personality theory. ?        Summarize the major causes, symptoms, treatment, and prognoses of various psychological disorders including, but not limited to, anxiety, somatoform, dissociative, personality, and mood, as well as schizophrenia. ?        Explain and differentiate between the various forms of psychotherapy ranging from psychoanalysis to cutting edge biological approaches to treatment. ?        Demonstrate a mastery of the various theories pertaining to Social Psycholo
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