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Georgia Virtual School-GAVS

Tips for taking an online GAVS course: 

  • Courses are taught online and are scheduled into the normal school day.
  • GAVS courses taken during the school day are paid for by the county.  However, there is a fee for withdrawing from the course after the scheduled withdrawal date.
  • Parents should remember to set up a parent GAVS account in order to monitor their child’s progress and to communicate with the GAVS instructor.
  • The course orientation must be completed with a grade of 100 before the class will actually open for students to access. 
  • Students should completed the DEMO GAVS course and should review the GAVS Student Handbook which is available once the student logs into their account.
  • Working on the GAVS courses at home in expected by the GAVS teachers in order to have academic success.
  • Turn in assignments on-time to prevent loosing points on your grades.
  • Use the GAVS Chat Room to communicate with your GAVS teacher. 
  • Take note of your GAVS teacher’s office hours and their preferred means of communication.
  • Study and prepare for this online class as any other course you are taking.
  • Grades are reported every 4 ½ weeks; final grades are posted at the end of each semester.
  • Students are expected to complete the first semester and second semester of the GAVS course.