FAQ Information


  • How do I make an appointment with my counselor?

    You can contact Ms. Alderman the counseling secretary to schedule an appointment.  You can complete the request form using QR codes posted around the building.   Please go the counseling page on the schools website.  Click on staff and locate your counselor.  A link is available under each counselor’s name.  Click on the link and complete the form.


  • I need a counselor recommendation.  What should I do?

    Complete the recommendation form located in the front office.  Once completed, turn it in along with your brag sheet to your counselor. 


  • I need to speak with my child’s counselor.  What should I do?

    You can contact the counseling secretary to schedule an appointment.   Click on staff and locate your counselor.  A link is available under each counselor’s name.  Click on the link and complete the form.


  • How do I request a schedule change?

    Schedule changes are only made within the first week of a semester.  Changes are made for schedule errors, duplicate courses, or courses needed for graduation. Students will have an opportunity to submit a schedule change request.  Once the request is received, the counselors will review the request, the student’s schedule, and availability of requested classes to see if a change is possible.  Submitting a schedule change request is not a guarantee that the student will receive the request changes.  Situations happen that will cause the counselor to deny the request.  The counselor will provide feedback of whether the request is approved with a new schedule or denied with an explanation. 


  • How do I register for credit recovery?

    Credit recovery is offered for students who failed a course needed for graduation and is offered three time within the school year-fall, spring, and summer.  Information will provided via flyers, handouts, morning announcements, and on the website. Once the announcements are made, students will see Ms. Jasmine Johnson for more information, registration and payment. 


  • How do I request a transcript? 

            To request a transcript please click here

  • My student is a vocal major.  Why is she in a dance history class?

    Dance History and Music Appreciation are courses listed in the Fine Arts Course Sequence for all Band, Dance, Guitar, Orchestra, Piano, Theatre, Visual Arts, and Vocal Students.  Each student will take either Dance History or Music Appreciation based on the availability of the course.   Both courses are academic type courses that allow the students to explore dance and music across all genres and historical periods.  The courses are designed to broaden our student knowledge so that they will become well rounded Fine Arts Students.

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