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Book Reviews


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Whatever you think, click on the link below and decided how you would like to share your views on the book. 

Book Review Guidelines

Below are book reviews from previous years.   

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(Looking for Reviewers for These Books)
 I just finished this book and really liked it. It is well-written with well-develoImage resultped, likeable characters. The novel deals with  the relationship between two classmates both suffering from  depression. It is a touching story of their  impact upon each others lives.
 One young reviewer   recovering with depression,  claimed this book acted as a "trigger" for her. I have included a link to her blog post here. Her  comments are insightful and deserve consideration. However,  I am obliged to include a Spoiler Alert!
Finally, here is another review from YouTube.
This is Image result for everything everything imagesone of the most popular books in the Media Center this year. Here is a review based on that  of Common Sense Media. Everything Everything tells the story of Madeline Whittier, an 18-year- old girl who can never leave her house. She has SCID (severe combined immunodeficiency). In short, she is allergic to everything in the outside world. But ,when a new family moves in next door, she becomes drawn into the life of their teenage son, Olly.  Madeline, who has always accepted her situation,begins taking risks and wanting a life beyond the sanitized environment of her home.  This book has diverse characters  and is a good choice if you like teen romance and some intrigue.
Warnings: there are references to sex and some scenes include swearing, smoking, drinking and domestic violence.
 Image result   Unwind by Neal Shusterman

This book brought to life characters that were more than what others labeled them to be and expressed the dangers of mob mentality, propaganda, and  a horrible lack of perspective. Teens will never feel as understood as they will when reading this novel. In a world where adults consent to having their children who are deemed ‘difficult’ or ‘lacking potential’ divided into a thousand pieces, three teenagers have gone awol  just before  they’re supposed to go under the knife. The futuristic element of Shusterman's novel keep you constantly anticipating the next jaw-dropping moment with every revelation about the diverse assortment of characters.  -Taina Bernard, 12th Grade 
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